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Family Horse Farm Experience

Join us for a couple of hours and get a glimpse into what horse farm life is all about. This is a perfect experience for families or groups that have kids too young for our trail rides. This is also a great choice for those who want to interact with horses without having to get into the saddle or ride in an outdoor environment. Over the course of your visit, we will engage in several different horse-related activities, and meet with many horses both big and small. We will groom, dress up, lead and play games with our mini horses and donkeys. These fun and gentle minis absolutely love attention and are a great way to interact with equines for younger or more apprehensive humans. We will also tour our barn and meet with whoever may be inside that day while learning about the functioning of the farm and what it takes to care for these amazing animals. What do horses eat? Do they need special diets or vitamins? What do we do if a horse needs to see the vet? These are just a few examples of things we will discuss during your visit. Are you interested in how horses interact while in a herd? Seeing how these majestic animals communicate without words can be a life-changing experience. If anyone in your group would like to ride in our indoor arena they will have that opportunity. We can tailor this experience to your needs, depending on what you'd like. Message us with any questions.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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