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Boarding at our Farm

Here at Tails and Trails, we operate on the philosophy that horses are happier and healthier when in their natural environment, moving, grazing, and foraging.  For this reason, it is our practice to only offer pasture boarding. We do make accommodations for special diets and nutritional needs, as well as utilize our four-stall barn for various reasons.


We are proud to have put in place our own "Horse Track System" that allows for a unique way to manage the land and keep our horses healthy. By strategically placing hay stations, shelters, and water troughs, track systems are a great way to encourage natural movement while foraging. Different sensory options are also given, such as rock paths and sandy areas, all while our horses navigate up and down hills to get around.


Our boarding clients have full use of our trails and property as well as the indoor riding arena. Contact us to find out about availability and whether or not we would be a good fit for each other. 

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