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Kids Summer Horse Camp at Tails and Trails Farm

Welcome to Tails and Trails summertime pony camp! One of our absolute favorite parts of the year is when we get to host groups of kiddos for summer camp. Any child age 6 and up is welcome to join us for a week of fun on horseback. Our philosophy is that kids learn more if they are having fun while doing so. We play tons of games on horseback that is not only enjoyable but have a great impact on building skills as well as the muscles needed to ride. Riding, leading, tacking, grooming, bathing, and more! Guaranteed to be a fun-filled week of all things horse! Having a great time is only surpassed in priority by safety, as keeping our campers safe and healthy is most important. We make sure to have a proper counselor-to-camper ratio and that all activities are closely monitored. Check out and sign up for one of this year's sessions below.

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